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Denver Portrait Photography: Katelyn, Abby, and ‘Flipper’ at Washington Park

A friend of mine that I have worked with in Breckenridge asked me to photograph some portraits of his daughter’s Katelyn and Abby.  We also took some of Flipper with the kids.  I suggested Washington Park as the location for the session and we agreed to meet there in the late afternoon.  The girls were a little reluctant and I had to work some smiles out of Abby but we got some great pictures and had a fun time.  Flipper strongly prefers black and white images and I processed a lot of the photos with this in mind.

Tickling is always a good way to get a reaction out of young girls. 🙂

Click below to see the rest of their portrait session.

So cute! The colors of the dresses stood out really well against the foliage and flowers in the park.

A trip to a jungle gym can yield some nice portrait settings.

As you can see, Abby is still somewhat in the “hold on tight to Daddy” stage.  I am really glad we were able to get the family dog, Hershey, in to the photos.

During a lifestyle portrait session, I never put my cameras away until the client has left the location.  If I did, I would have missed this candid moment of Katelyn giving her younger sister a big smooch on the lips while waiting for a crosswalk light to change.  This is one of my favorite series from the session.

This is such a precious father-daughter moment and the black and white treatment keeps the focus on the relationship.  I love the look in Abby’s eyes as she looks up at her dad.

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