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In the words of a wedding guest: "He was like a ninja with a camera.  He did a barrel roll over a pool table, got the photo, and disappeared to get the next one!"

In my work, my goal is to go beyond the ordinary and capture moments of true authenticity and connection. Whether I’m shooting on a mountaintop or in the studio, a wedding or a family portrait, I’m driven by the same passion to capture your story and have fun along the way! I strive to show that people are worth celebrating at every stage of life.

I see myself as part documentarian, patiently and nimbly adapting to wherever the session may take us in a playful, collaborative environment. I'm always looking for the humor and fun in life and those little moments that make us giggle when we see a picture of it.  I'm a funny, goofy guy who loves to laugh.  This lighthearted approach is grounded in technical precision honed by an obsession with mastering new techniques as well as over a decade of experience shooting around the world while based in the Vail Valley.

As you can see from my portfolio, my work spans many genres. The common thread is my appreciation for people and revealing the beauty of who they are and their connection with the people they love. There’s nothing like watching clients cry tears of joy as they see their photographs for the first time because they have captured something important to them. Experiences are fleeting and I take great joy in giving people a way to hold on to and relive them.

As an avid skier, cyclist, hiker, and travel lover, from islands to mountains, I have the experience and passion to capture you in any environment.  Let me share that passion with you to help you celebrate your story.

So reach out today and let’s collaborate, these won't just be pictures but moments in time you and your loved ones will treasure.

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