Photo booths are becoming an essential part of every wedding and corporate event as they offer guests and hosts the chance to come away with really fun and personal souvenirs.  The old days of the little carnival photo booth are gone!


Our Next Gen Photo Booth is all about sharing the fun from your event with friends and family! Snap a photo, make a GIF, create a super fun Boomerang, record a short video. Everything is instantly uploaded to a Custom Gallery Site for your event. Guests can view it all on their phones and download and post to Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter and send to friends.







Our Next Gen Photo Booth allows awesome Customization Options to choose from for the screen and your photos. We can even match the LED lights to a pattern that fits your event! An optional LED light show attracts people to the booth and helps them add to the fun.

Choose from our various photo overlays to create personalized and branded images. These can include your wedding info or company branding, etc. We have many options to choose from or can Design something just for you! For corporate event photo booth rentals, we suggest having your company logo and any other marketing messages on the overlay.



Travel outside of Vail area?

Travel up to one hour of Edwards, CO is included at no charge. If the location is over one hour drive, a travel fee will be applied based on mileage and time. If the photo booth rental ENDS PAST 9pm and location is over one hour drive, lodging accommodations are required for our attendant, in addition to travel fees.

Can guests print their images?

The Next Gen Photo Booth is built for the digital age with the ability to record super fun Boomerangs and GIFs and download and share them instantly. If you’re looking to give guests the option to also have a physical keepsake, our printer add-on is the perfect choice! Your custom designed image overlay will print on the photo with the event info/branding of your choice.

How much Space do I need?

For an ideal experience, an 8’x8’ space is best. For tighter setups, the Next Gen Photo Booth only takes up 2’x2’ but only 1-3 guests can use it at a time.

What about Backdrops?

Many of our clients like to use their own backdrops that are custom tailored to their events for their photo booth rental. If you’d like to use one of our backdrop options, we have a collection of popular options for rent like gold or silver sequins and grey damask. Additionally, we can create a custom backdrop using an image or graphics of your choice for an additional fee; the backdrop is yours to keep for future events!

Do you supply Props?

For sanitary purposes, we limit our rentable props to a collection of fun signs with various sayings on them. We have collections for weddings and proms among others. There are tons of great prop options available online to match any theme. Amazon and Etsy are great place to start!

Power Requirements?

Our Photo Booth Rental requires a stable 3 prong grounded power outlet within 20 feet of the booth location. If this is not possible, please speak with your venue organizer to supply an extension cord or tell us in advance. If you’re having an outdoor event without power, there are some options available so please just let us know and we can discuss. NOTE: Our attendants do not carry longer extension cords unless we are notified ahead of time.

Internet Connection Requirements?

A stable publicly accessible high speed internet connection is required for instant sharing and download with all phones and devices. Connections requiring secondary logins through a web browser may cause problems depending on security settings. If an internet connection is not available, Apple iPhones and iPads can receive content immediately through the Airdrop feature. Otherwise, all queued text messages and emails will be sent within 48 hours when the booth is connected to the internet. If you anticipate internet connection problems, we offer a wireless hotspot at an additional cost. Please let us know ahead of time if you would like to take advantage of this option.