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Welcome to the Two Elk Studios Photo Fun Booth, where we bring the fun and excitement of photo booths to your event! Photo booths have become an essential part of every event, from weddings and birthday parties to corporate events and fundraisers. They offer a unique way for guests to capture memories and have fun while doing it. Our Vail photo booth rental service is designed to make your event memorable and enjoyable for all your guests. With high-quality prints and customizable backdrops, our photo booth will be the perfect addition to any occasion. So if you're looking for a way to add some further joy to your event, look no further than our Vail photo booth rental service! The old days of the little carnival photo booth are gone.

Professional Camera and Lighting

Mirrorless camera and studio flash lighting provide high quality results.


Sleek and Beautiful Design

Our Next Gen Photo Booth is all about sharing the fun from your event with friends, family, and colleagues! Snap a photo, make a GIF, create a super fun Boomerang, record a short video. Everything is instantly uploaded to a Custom Gallery Site for your event. Guests can view it all on their phones and download and post to Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter and send to friends.







We allow awesome Customization Options to choose from for the screen and your photos. We can even match the LED lights to a pattern that fits your event! An optional LED light show attracts people to the booth and helps them add to the fun.

Choose from our various photo overlays to create personalized and branded images. These can include your wedding info or company branding, etc. We have many options to choose from or can Design something just for you! For corporate event photo booth rentals, we suggest having your company logo and any other marketing messages on the overlay.


  • What is a Documentary Family Photography Session?
    These sessions are much more casual and less scripted than what you might be used to. The goal is to document your family’s life as it is, instead of trying to force it to be something else. I’ll be photographing whatever happens in front of my camera and honing in on the moments, expressions, and details as they present themselves.
  • Who Should do this type of Session?
    Do you want to preserve your family’s story? Do you love those little moments where your child does something that only a kid would do? Do you find posed family portraits not your style? Do you dislike the pressure of trying to cajole your kids into “performing for the camera”? If you answered yes to any of these, a documentary session might be perfect for you!
  • Who Should Consider our Family Portrait Sessions instead?
    Do you want to get everyone dressed up real nice and have a lot of posing done? Do you want more portraits of the family looking at the camera? Do you love studio photography with gorgeously crafted lighting designed to flatter? Do you have a specific location that you want to focus on as the backdrop to your portraits? Do you feel like you won’t be able to let go and be yourself in front of a camera? You may be better suited for our wonderful family portrait sessions. We still capture candid moments and do our best to get you comfortable and get everyone moving, but it will be more focused on set up portraits.
  • Will you take Family Portraits during a Documentary Family Session?
    Yes! We will spend 15 minutes towards the beginning capturing some “typical” posed setups where everyone is together and looking at the camera. We will also take individual photographs of each family member, usually at the end of the session.
  • Do I need to Clean my House? Do I need to have the Perfect Location?
    One of the benefits of these sessions is that we all know life happens regardless of where and the state of “cleanliness” and we don't want you to stress about that. Great moments still occur in a house that looks like people live in it! Many of our clients choose to add some locations they like to go as a family too.
  • What do I Do during a Documentary Session?
    Just be yourselves and interact as a family! I try to keep my intervention to a minimum and just observe. (I will of course intervene in the name of safety if necessary.) Planning an activity or two can be a great way to have some added fun. Sack races, water balloon or Super Soaker fights, snowball fights, building a snowman, cooking, baking, doing crafts projects, building things are all examples of activities you may want to consider.
  • What about my Kids Acting Crazy?
    Guess what? All kids act a little crazy at times! It’s part of their development and how they figure out boundaries, explore emotions, and discover their personalities. Tantrums can actually be pretty funny if you think about it! Personally, one of my absolute favorite photos from my wedding is my wife and I surrounded by our nieces and nephews and two out of four are balling; it makes me laugh every time I look at it! Let your kids be kids and we will capture the full range of the parenting experience. When they're grown and out of the house, you'll miss the times you were able to pick up your crying kid to comfort them.
  • Will you show us Color or Black and White Photographs?
    It will definitely be a mix dependent on each photo’s situation. In general, if color does not add to the photograph, it will be in black and white. Since I’m focused more on emotion and moments, black and white can really minimize things that distract from that. Also, when the light isn’t particularly appealing, removing color can fix that.
  • What do we Do with the Photographs?
    At your Premiere and Design Consultation, we will show you a cinematic slideshow of your photos and help you decide on your favorites and which ones you’d like to put on the wall as artwork and design other products. Most Documentary Family Session clients like to purchase something for a wall and put the rest into a beautiful story book.
  • How Much will we Invest?
    Documentary Family Photography Sessions begin at 1000 for a week day session and include money towards your photographic artwork or album. Most families invest at least $1500 to have beautiful Albums or Artwork to display and celebrate what matters most to them.

See it in Action!

Modern Booth Interface

Mobile Gallery

Photo Lab Quality Printer

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