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Telluride Engagement Portraits: Kevin and Shannon

I can’t believe it has taken me this long to post these here!  I put them on Facebook a while back and it slipped my mind to blog them.  I talked about my trip to Telluride with my friends/clients Shannon and Kevin a while ago but hadn’t shown you the second round of engagement portraits we did while there.  It was totally unplanned so they only had the clothes they brought with them to wear but it we got some great photographs nonetheless.  The gondola that brings you up the mountain runs late into the night to service the restaurants and residences in the mountain village and we took it up a little bit before sundown.  The plan was to use the late afternoon/ early evening light until the sun set and then get some nice sunset backdrops.  We ended up staying a little later and playing around with some light painting in the dark.  Thank you Kevin and Shannon for putting up with sitting still in the cold for extended periods of time in the name of art!

Composite of engagement portraits in Telluride Colorado

Click on the link below to see the rest of Shannon and Kevin’s Telluride engagement portraits…

Guy kissing girl on neck engagement portrait in Telluride Colorado
Black and white engagement portrait of guy holding girl in Telluride Colorado
Guy and girl kissing in front of sunset in Telluride Colorado

This image was made using a technique called light-painting.  It involves keeping the shutter open for an extended period of time (in this case, about 30 seconds) and using a flashlight or some other source of light to paint the scene and draw the streaks in the air.  I used a small LED light for this and pretty much just ran around with it drawing.:

Guy and girl holding hands and sitting at table in Telluride Colorado

The sparks of love 😀  :

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