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Shaina and Perel | Denver Children Photography

Ok. I’m going to throw this out there and let everyone know that photographing these 2 year old twins was quite the challenge for me.  I shot more frames than I have in almost any portrait session in order to get the images I wanted.  Shaina and Perel are adorable twins with very different personalities.  Shaina was a total ham and loved the camera while Perel took a lot more tricks for me to get the great expressions from her that her parents know and love.  We did the session on the University of Denver’s campus.  DU is my alma mater and it is a beautiful place to work.  I brought some of my favorite toys (including a squeaky dog toy that kids this age love!) and we just played around and had fun.  With most young kids, I just like to let them do their thing and play with each other.  I even encourage a little playful fighting because it is how parents remember their kids best. I was informed that Shaina loves to stand on this railing and look out at the little lilly pond so I went across the way and took this image.  Don’t worry, dad is just out of frame ready to keep her safe if she slipped. 🙂

Click below to see the rest of these adorable girls’ portrait session at DU.

Perel had her finger on her mouth like this for most of the session so I had to include a frame of her like that.

This image was preceded by Shaina (on the left) trying to give Perel a kiss and Perel swatting her away.  So cute!

Perel absolutely loves her little purple glasses and I just watched her run around with them on for a few minutes and came away with this image, which is definitely one of my favorites.

This could actually be my favorite child photograph I have ever made! I intentionally cropped Perel partially out of frame because it kept her from overshadowing her sister while she was in the foreground.  The soft focus and black and white toning really makes the image what it is to me, allowing the focus to be on the moment of kids being kids.

Shaina is actually holding a rock in her hand and “making a call”.  My squeaky dog toy made it in to more than one picture…

Perel showed me one of her books and when she got to a page that she had previously ripped out of the book, she would say “Uh-oh!”.  It was adorable!

This was such a fun session and I hope to photograph Shaina and Perel many more times as they grow up.  Chasing around twins can be pretty exhausting but it is totally worth it because you get to make art out of moments in time that would otherwise be forgotten.  As always, comments are appreciated!

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