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Denver Boudoir Photography: Philippa

I am so excited to share my first boudoir photography session and it features one of my 2011 brides.  I will be photographing Philippa’s wedding to her fiance Ryan on Labor Day at Mile High Station in Denver.  She wanted a unique gift to give to Ryan and we decided that a boudoir session would be perfect. Boudoir photography is a great way to remind yourself how beautiful you are and a fun time to play around with outfits you normally wouldn’t be photographed in.  You can also choose the type of images and posing you would like for this based on your comfort level and taste.  It can be as sexy as you would like and include partial nudity or fully clothed.  As a male photographer, I always suggest having a female friend with you during these sessions.  Philippa’s friend and bridesmaid Megan joined us for the session and we had a great time making some gorgeous images.  Philippa is going to be such a beautiful bride, don’t you think!?

WARNING: The slideshow below contains music and partial nudity and may be unsuitable for viewing at work.

Click on the read more link below to see the images:

This first image was definitely my favorite from the set.  Philippa’s body looks amazing and her expression is perfect!

This one reminds me of a ’90s magazine ad for a lingerie company and I feel that the lighting is perfect for the mood of the photograph.

Another great expression.  The parasol umbrella was sitting in Philippa’s room so we had to get it in to a few images as a prop.

To get this great natural laugh, I simply asked Philippa’s friend Megan to do something funny behind me.  I don’t even know what she did, but it must have been good!

To get some unique body positions, I asked Philippa to get into the unfilled bathtub.  I am standing above and balancing against the shower door to get this angle.

Philippa wanted some ’50s, ’60s style pinup images and she had this great sailor costume that fit the bill perfectly.  I took the pose from an old pinup I came across and used a special illustrative processing effect to give the image a drawn feel.

Boudoir photography doesn’t have to be done just as a gift for your fiance and can be a great gift to yourself.  Please contact me if you would like to find out more about setting up a session.

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