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Super Bowl, Friends, and Dogs

I headed over to my friend’s Melyssa and Bryan’s house for the Super Bowl on Sunday and managed to end up taking some pictures while I was there.  My camera always seems to come out even when I don’t intend it to.  They have two awesome dogs and I felt the urge to photograph them and my camera bag was in my car.  In between watching the Steelers lose (yay!), I snapped some images of Daryl and Laila.  Daryl is a total spaz of a dog but is pretty cute when he settles down.  Laila is very shy but a beautiful dog as well.  Mel and Bryan are getting married next year and I also grabbed a couple of images of them with the dogs.  I won’t be photographing their wedding because they wanted me to enjoy myself at the wedding in LA but I am going to be doing an engagement portrait session with them here in Colorado.

Daryl always has to be the center of attention…

Laila has a very expressive face, don’t you think?

I really like this image.  It’s hard to get two dogs to sit still long enough for a picture like this but I was able to snap off a few frames before Laila and Daryl bolted.

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