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Product Spotlight: Wedding Guestbook Albums

Charlotte and Rick wanted to have a album at their wedding that had plenty of space for guests to sign in and write comments to the newlyweds.  They wanted to use images that they had collected over the years of both themselves and of their parents and relatives.  Charlotte sent me all the images and I went to work custom designing an album for them.  Another popular option is to use the images from your engagement portrait session to fill the album.  Charlotte and Rick have a strong preference for black and white images so I converted all of their files into black and whites.

The product I offer for the purpose of creating guestbooks is a high-end, high-quality linen cover album.  They come in 3 sizes, 8×8, 10×10, and 12×12; Charlotte and Rick went with the 12×12.  They are also available in 7 awesome colors including, Virgin White, Forbidden Green, Passion Pink, Redlight Red, Sultry Blue, Smouldering Brown, and Voluptuous Black.  (I love these color names! 🙂 )  The pages are made of real photographic prints instead of the much lower quality press-printed pages you will find from companies like Shutterfly.  The binding is done in what is called a “lay-flat” binding because the pages don’t bend in the center like in a magazine.  This type of binding lends itself extremely well to panoramic images that span two pages.

Charlotte wanted a simple layout and I designed accordingly.  Check out the rest of the pictures to see some more of the album and design.

NOTE: The images in the album were provided by the client and not Jesse Starr Photography.

Wedding guestbook album pages

Click on the link below to see some more details of Charlotte and Rick’s wedding guestbook album…

Wedding guestbook album pages
Wedding guestbook album pages
Wedding guestbook album cover
Wedding guestbook album spine and cover
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