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Digital File Delivery on Custom USB Thumb Drive: Denver Green Wedding Photographer

In my continuos search to refine and enhance the experience I provide to my clients, I have found the the perfect way to deliver digital files.  These wooden thumb drives are both durable and sustainable.  Instead of the one-time use DVDs/CDs that a lot of other photographers deliver image files on, a thumb drive can be reused to store more than just the images.  Since I always strongly encourage my clients to backup their image files in multiple locations, they will not always need to keep them on this one drive.  The wood comes from sustainable sources and is more environmentally friendly than a plastic enclosure.  I even looked to find a packaging material that was sustainable as well and I came across a wood fiber that is also from a sustainable source.  I feel the finished package comes across very nicely.  Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below.

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