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Philippa and Ryan at Strings Restaurant | Denver Engagement Portrait Photography

Last week, I got together with one of my 2011 couples, Philippa and Ryan, at Strings Restaurant for their engagement portrait session.  You may recognize Philippa from her boudoir session I posted a few weeks ago.  Both Philippa and Ryan are talented working chefs and I suggested the idea of having the engagement session at a restaurant.  Strings was chosen because it is where Philippa works and it made an awesome location for some great portraits.  We spent a few hours having fun and making images before we had to leave so the staff could set up.  I played around with some different lighting techniques to get a few unique photos.  This was a great session and I love the way these turned out!

Click on the link below to see the rest of Philippa and Ryan’s engagement portrait session…

I wanted wine glasses in a couple of the photos and we didn’t have access to the wine so Philippa hopped behind the bar and mixed cranberry juice with Coke.  It worked surprisingly well. 🙂

I’m glad my assistant helped me spot this reflection.

This is such a sweet moment…

One of my fashion-esque shots of the day.

I love using the groom to get the bride to smile.  I can’t remember what he did but he got a great natural reaction out of Philippa.

To get the light like this, I had my assistant stand up in this loft area and point the flash at Philippa and Ryan and then darkened the existing light.  In case you couldn’t tell, I’m also photographing a mirror. 🙂

This was my other favorite fashion shot.  I like to take posing inspiration from magazine ads to get something a little more edgy and stylized.

I absolutely love this shot!

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