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Not my idea…

This past week, I went to Boston to visit my family for Thanksgiving.  It was a quick trip but it was great to see everyone and get a little taste of home.  Besides my family of course, the biggest thing I miss about Massachusetts is the food.  I made sure to fit in at least two places that I don’t have access to here in Denver.  The first being my favorite buffalo wing place in the world called Sadies Saloon.  This place is the ultimate dive bar but happens to have the best wings on the planet and really good steak and turkey tips as well.  I also went to a sub shop/ pizza place, which is something I am amazed doesn’t exist in Colorado.  I got a great steak and cheese sub and a slice of thin, greasy, cheesy, delicious pepperoni pizza.  😀 There was another HUGE reason for visiting Boston and it was to see my sister and her FIANCE for the first time since they got engaged a month ago!  I am so happy for them and I absolutely love my future brother-in-law.  I will not be photographing the wedding because I am in it but I helped them find an awesome Boston-based photographer.  But I did manage to do a quick 10 minute engagement portrait session while we were waiting for the Patriots football game to start on Thanksgiving.  We took a couple of quick portraits behind the house and I had to share this one first.  It was not my idea to put the iPad in front of my sister’s face but they did it and it made for a pretty entertaining photograph.  More images to come!

Engagement portrait with iPad save the date
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