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New way to receive your digital images from your session

I always get super excited when I get a package, especially if it has to do with photography or my business.  Today I received my first sample of a product that I will be using to deliver digital images to clients from now on.  I have decided to switch from DVDs to USB flash drives for a number of reasons.  Some of the advantages of flash drives:  they can’t be scratched or snapped, they are more portable, they don’t deteriorate as quickly as optical media (DVDs), they can be plugged into any device with a USB port (that includes things like Macbook Air laptops, which don’t have built-in cd drives), and you can fit a lot more data on one thumb drive than you can on one DVD.  I also like the fact that I can have them laser engraved so that they have a nice permanent label.  Here are a couple pictures of the ones I will be using and the nice little box they come in.

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