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More from the DWF Convention

I wanted to put up some other images that I had from the DWF convention in San Antonio and here they are: If you’ve ever wondered what a bunch of photographers do in a hotel lobby late at night, this gives you an idea.  My buddy Steve had just purchased some new Pocketwizard radio triggers that have the ability to adjust the flash power remotely.  We got real excited about this and decided to do some tests.  As you can see by the amount of light hitting my face (I’m on the right), the flash was set WAY too high.  I am still seeing spots I think…:

Chuck Arlund is an amazing fashion photographer and also one of the most entertaining people to be around.  To top it off, he likes to randomly have his nails painted. Hahaha:

Earlier in the day, I went out with my new friends Humza and his wife Jabeen and we played around with some lighting techniques.  Chuck was on my right capturing this image from a different angle:

I love this portrait of Jabeen.  I was looking around for interesting ways to photograph this and saw these trees making a nice frame so I used them to my advantage.  I always try to find elements that can draw the viewer into a photograph:

One of the ironic things about being a photographer is that you rarely get a chance to be in front of the camera.  Humza is an awesome photographer and him and Jabeen asked me to take a few quick portraits of the two of them while we were outside. This image is really authentic to me and there is true love involved:

A full-on kiss rarely looks great as a photograph but the moments just before and after the kiss are great.  I often ask couples to kiss gently and then pull back so that I can capture the tension that creates an interesting moment in the photograph:

The lovely model in this photograph is another one of my new photographer friends, Lynn.  The hotel we stayed at had all these awesome textures on the walls and we played around with using them as backgrounds.  This image is lit entirely by an overhead light fixture and Lynn made it rock by adopting a real fashion model pose:

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