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Mish and Shalisa of Pure Barre Boulder | Denver Athlete Portrait Photographer

A few weeks ago, I had what was one of my easiest portrait session to date.  I always make sure my subjects are comfortable in front of the camera but some people need less help with that.  Mish and Shalisa are the owners of Pure Barre Boulder and are also lululemon athletica Ambassadors.  lululemon’s Ambassador program basically consists of rockstars in the yoga and fitness community who are in line with the company’s mission of “Elevating the world from mediocrity to greatness.”  Mish and Shalisa run a great studio in the 29th Street Mall in Boulder and are phenomenal instructors themselves.  As former Denver Broncos cheerleaders, they are quite comfortable in front of the camera and have been in many portrait sessions before.  They could probably hold smiles longer than anyone you or I know!  We took the photos in the studio and I used a big 4×6 foot softbox for lighting to try to emulate a bit of a window light situation.

While Mish was doing a hair adjustment, I snapped this quick portraits of Shalisa.  She actually just got married a few days ago and I’m sure she looked amazing!

Thanks for such a fun shoot!  Any Boulderites looking for a killer workout should check out Mish and Shalisa’s classes at Pure Barre Boulder.

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