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Melissa Levy | Denver Athlete Portraits

Melissa Levy is a Certified Personal Trainer and runs Define Fitness Personal Training in Denver.  We went out in Denver in the mid day sun to get some new portraits for her to use on her website and marketing materials.  I normally try to avoid this time of day because of the challenges it poses with lighting but it is a great way to push my abilities and work on finding great light.  This was Melissa and I’s first portrait session and we will be doing another one that involves more athletic poses.  She is actually my trainer and I suggest you check her out for a butt-kickin workout.  Visit her website to find out more. Melissa literally told me she wanted to look “warrior badass” in her photos so that was my inspiration for a good portion of the shoot.  I was laughing pretty hard when she told me that…

Click below to see the rest of Melissa’s athlete portraits in Riverfront North District of Denver.

I love the skull on the ribbon in the graffiti in this image.  Melissa actually spotted this one.  She kept worrying about her hair blowing across her face but I told her that I loved it and it makes a great photo.

The light was perfect on this staircase for a moodier portrait.  What you can’t see is that Melissa was bearing the pain of having her exposed legs on a metal grate stair…

Sometimes you see construction equipment and you think “why not take a couple of pictures on it” and this was one of those situations.  😀 We joked around that we could make a calendar of girls on excavators and tractors.  This image was lit with a flash off camera on a remote to overpower the sunlight.

Can’t wait for our next shoot, where we will be showing off Melissa’s strength and conditioning.

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