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Lululemon Product Notification December 13

This week’s product notification for Lululemon Athletica Cherry Creek North was all about the purple!  “Power Purple” actually.  We wanted to play around with some powerful yoga and Pure Barre poses and we got some great images.  We also just did some fun stuff and I am posting a couple of my favorites.  I used my new 24×24 inch pop-up softbox with a SB-900 flash in it to light Leilani and I loved the results.  It is sure to offer some awesome possibilities for weddings and portraits.

I snapped this “in between” shots and this is one of my favorites.  Lei looks so natural.  I always make sure to keep photographing when people ‘aren’t ready’ because I always get great expressions:

This is another fun one of Lei doing some Pure Barre moves:

Girl wearing Lululemon Stride Jacket and Yogi Dance Pants
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