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Levi C | Denver Baby Photography

Last week I had the chance to photograph the adorable baby Levi and it was a really fun time.  Levi is just over a year old and has one of the best smiles I’ve ever seen.  As one of my friend’s said, he is also going to break a lot of hearts with those eyes when he gets older. 🙂  The focus for the session was on Levi, but I always include portraits of the family as well and Jake and Lainie were so great to work with.  After a quick photo of Levi at the house, we took a short walk over to nearby Crestmoor Park to begin the session.  There were some great spots to shoot in natural light and we just played around and had some fun for a bit.  It’s easy to get natural smiles out of parents; all you have to do is get them to play with their cute baby!

Levi has the best expressions and loves to smile, especially when he’s playing with his dad.

It was quickly apparent that Levi LOVES the swingset.  Just look at that smile.

It took me shooting about 20 photos to get this, but I had to have a couple of Levi in mid air.

As we were walking around, I noticed this small patch of dandelions and had Lainie place Levi on the ground.  I had Lainie and Jake stand behind me to get his attention as he crawled towards us.  The blue shirt really pops on the green and yellow of the grass and flowers.

This is my favorite photograph of the set.  It is such a great summary of being a young child; enthralled with the simple things around you, like the grass and flowers.

I’ll end with a sweet image of mother and son.  Thank you Lainie, Jake, and Levi for letting me capture your family’s love!

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