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Heidi and Brian | Vail Beaver Creek Engagement Portrait Photographer

In the fall, I will be travelling to Maryland to photograph Heidi and Brian’s wedding and after their engagement portrait session the other night, I’m convinced it will be an absolute blast!  We met up in Beaver Creek Village (which is deserted this time of year) and had a great time taking playing in the afternoon light.  If one of my clients gets done with a photo shoot and didn’t have a good time, I feel like I totally failed as a photographer.  Because of this, I was so happy to get an email from Heidi saying “I didn’t even know it could be that fun!” right after the session. 🙂  Engagement portraits are a great way to get to know your photographer and find out how you work together.  Heidi and Brian are fun and playful, which is just how I like to work.

I love playing with off camera lights in order to create photographs that you can’t get with natural light.  Bringing in the blue sky and clouds adds a dramatic background for some different looks.

I had told Heidi to bring an umbrella in case in rained (always a potential in Colorado, regardless of weather forecast) and while we didn’t get any rain, we still used the umbrella as a fun prop.

These were really fun and show Heidi and Brian’s personalities.

When Brian said he wanted to do a handstand with his shoes on his hands, I assumed he knew how to do a handstand… Turns out, I was wrong…

Thanks Heidi and Brian for coming out to play and get some great portraits! Can’t wait for the wedding.

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