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Engagement Ring: Denver Green Wedding Photographer

While I was home for Thanksgiving visiting my family, my sister asked me to take some pictures of her engagement ring and I happily agreed.  Ring pictures are really fun because it’s a great chance to be creative and work on a scale that I don’t get to all the time. I’ve been wanting to try out using my iPad as a miniature light table and this was my first opportunity.  It was difficult to get enough light out of the screen in a room that wasn’t very dark.  This one was my favorite of the ones I took though:

I really like ring photographs that look like the ring is a part of a natural environment.  I like how it’s budding out of the flower in this image:

Engagement ring on flower
Engagement ring on flower

I probably wouldn’t choose to put this in an album because it doesn’t show the rest of the ring but again I find it fun because it’s like the diamond is growing out of the petal:

Engagement ring peaking out of flower

This one was my sister’s favorite.  It shows good detail of the ring and is kind of playful:

This might be my personal favorite because I am always a sucker for a great black and white image:

Engagement ring on flower
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