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Denver Headshot Photographer: Cheyenne

I got a call on Friday evening from the lovely Cheyenne, who was scrambling to find a photographer for a couple of headshots for a pageant she was entering the next day and I headed down to the Denver Tech Center to help her out.   Cheyenne is a talented young dancer and studies at a school in southern California. I created a mobile studio in the lobby area of the Hyatt Regency Denver Tech Center with a portable backdrop and got some good images for her to use for the pageant and then took a couple of 3/4ths length shots just for fun. I set up my umbrella softbox with my SB-900 speedlight for the key lighting. To get the white background for the headshot, I used an SB-600 speedlight to light the portable backdrop.  Cheyenne’s beautiful red hair looked great against the white.

We played around with a few 3/4ths length poses to showcase a little more of Cheyenne’s nice gown.  I used one of my favorite processing techniques on this image to get an effect that I feel resembles the Anthropology clothing store catalog that my girlfriend Maggie loves so much. 🙂

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