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In the days of pre-arranged marriages - when marriage was a business deal between families - brides and grooms were never allowed to see (or even meet!) each other before the wedding. This was so the groom wouldn’t have time to back out of the wedding if he happened to find the bride unattractive or unappealing. Over the years, the tradition of the “bride in hiding” changed into a superstition and seeing each other before the wedding was considered to be “bad luck.”  Fast forward to modern times and many couples are saying "No" to this "tradition."

How it works...

The wedding couple get ready separately, just like “normal.” When both are dressed and ready, we take one partner to a place with great light and get ready to photograph. The other partner is sent in and the waiting one turns to see them as they're walking up. At that moment, you will completely forget we’re there, but we’ll be capturing every smile, every tear, every laugh and every kiss. Chances are, the “first look” photos will end up being some of your favorites from the entire day! Does this sound like a scenario for bad luck?  From our experience, this in no way diminishes the feelings and moments you have when you see each other during the ceremony.

Why you should consider a "First Look"

We’ll have more time for portraits in daylight.

If you wait until the ceremony to see each other, we’ll have no choice but to do all your portraits after. While we strongly encourage a night time creative portrait session during the reception, our options for beautiful portraits become limited without natural light. Having an extra hour before the ceremony for wedding party and couple's portraits when there is still plenty of sunlight makes for GREAT photos!


Get to your reception quicker & greet your guests sooner!

After the ceremony, most of your guests will head over to the reception. You’ll be excited and ready to go see everyone and might even feel bad leaving everybody waiting while you take pictures. We’ve been to so many weddings now that we KNOW your coordinator will be pulling you towards the reception, your parents will be telling you to hurry up, and your wedding party will be ready to start drinking and partying! Getting lots of the staged photos done before the ceremony, when there’s no rush and nobody waiting for you is 150% less stressful. We promise!

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