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What does $79.01 get you at Home Depot?

I was tasked with procuring a product photography studio for work and instead of buying something like this for $450, I decided to build my own using materials from Home Depot.  I also had to purchase 2 lightstands and clamps to hold up the post that I hung the white background from.  Those were an additional $80 or so from  The materials purchased from home depot can be seen in the receipt but I will go over them here.  Hit Read the Rest of this Entry to see the rest…. [nggallery id=2]


1/2 ” Conduit pipe- Used as a crossbar between the two lightstands to hold up the background sheet

4 Solid Spring Clamps (A-Clamps)- Used for holding the background sheet to the cross bar and also to clip the sheet to the table

30X36 sheet of glass- Used for creating an optional reflective surface to shoot on

Basic Sawhorse 2 pack- For holding up the table

4×8 foot sheet of white plastic siding- This was from a brand called Parkland Plastics and is solidly thick while still being flexible.  This makes an excellent backdrop in my opinion and only costs 20 bucks.  A roll of white seamless background paper can be purchased from a photography store and can do a similar job.

1/2 inch thick 2×4 foot MDF particle board (fancy words for a wood plank)- This makes the actual table.

All told, this was significant less than a pre assembled product and is very simple to put up and take down.  It also is fairly portable and easy to store as everything can be reduced in size except for the glass and board.

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