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Wedding Ideas: Wedding Cupcakes instead of Wedding Cake

A wedding trend that I am loving involves creative substitutions for traditional wedding cakes.  One of my favorites is using decorative cupcakes.  Cupcakes can be a less expensive option than a traditional cake and still make a beautiful display for your wedding.  For those concerned about not having a cake-cutting ceremony, there are a couple of options.  For Nathan and Chastity’s wedding, they decided to have a small cake topper for the cake cutting ceremony and an assortment of colorful cupcakes for guests.  This option allows you the best of both worlds.  Another option, and one that I can’t wait to see, would be to cut a cupcake in half and feed it to each other.  There’s nothing stopping you from smashing a cupcake into your husband’s face like you might with a traditional cake! Here are some pictures of the fabulous cupcakes made by Cake Crumbs bakery.  Cake Crumbs is located at 2216 Kearney Street in Denver, CO and is a full-service cake bakery.  They also happen to have amazing chocolate chip cookies and I have driven all the way across town just to get one!

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