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Unique Photo Products

I wanted to show some of the unique photo products that you can get from JDStarr Photography.  The first three images show Wallet Size Accordion Books, which make awesome small gifts and mementos from an event, wedding, or portrait session.  They are custom designed by me and have a range of covers available from classic to modern.  Both sides can be printed on. The next two images show one of my favorite products, Print Standouts.  These are ready to stand or hang prints that are attached to a piece of 1 and 1/4 inch gatorfoam.  These are great because they do not require additional framing and can be used as is.  The prints have a UV coating applied so that they do not require glass protection.  The smaller sizes can stand on a shelf without needing a frame and the larger sizes provide a unique way of displaying prints on your wall.

Lastly, metal prints are a new product that you are sure to turn heads with in your home.  There are three different types of metal prints.  The first involves printing directly on the unfinished metal which gives an amazing brushed metal luminance to your print.  In the other two types, a white base is applied to the metal first and then a matte or gloss finish is applied.  These are truly stunning works of art and you have to see them to understand.

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