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Shannon and Kevin | Aspen Wedding Photography

I was introduced to Shannon and Kevin about a year and a half ago at a happy hour gathering with some friends and I can’t believe that I just photographed their wedding in Aspen this past weekend.  Kevin and Shannon and I were easy friends after discovering our mutual love for the Colorado outdoors lifestyle.  Kevin actually runs an outdoor gear review site called that I occasionally write reviews for.  I vividly remember when Kevin told me he and Shannon were engaged because we were going to a concert that turned out to be really bad! I knew their wedding was going to be special when they told me it would be in Aspen in the summer.  There are few places as perfect as Aspen, Colorado in June and the weather was absolutely beautiful.  The wedding took place at the Holden Marolt Mining and Ranching Museum, which is a cool old wooden building right off the bike trail leading up Castle Creek just outside of downtown Aspen. On the Friday night before the wedding, Shannon and Kevin had a bonfire at a campsite off the road to the Maroon Bells and I was able to pull them away from their friends and family for a few minutes to get this night photograph.

Shannon got ready at the Hotel Jerome, which is one of my favorite hotels in Aspen.  She looked so pretty and was such a beautiful bride!

Kevin and the guys got ready at the Molly Gibson Lodge down the street from the Hotel Jerome and as is normal on a wedding day, Kevin was getting teased around by his groomsmen.  I had to bust out my boutonniere pinning skills to help the guys since not one of them knew what they were doing.  😀

The venue had this great wood texture that made a cool background for some group photos of the guys before the ceremony.

I caught Shannon peering out of this window looking at her guests before the ceremony.  She looked so happy when she stepped out of the building to meet her grandfather to walk down the aisle.

You really can’t go wrong with an Aspen wedding with backdrops like this one!

Right after the ceremony, I told Kevin and Shannon to just go for a little walk with their dogs Suki and Aspen to just enjoy being married for a few minutes. 🙂

Kevin and Shannon’s airedale terriers are a huge part of their lives so we had to get a few images with them in the scene.

One of the first things Kevin told me about his wedding was that he wanted to have a donkey carrying beers in saddlebags at the wedding and I thought that it was a pipe dream.  A few weeks before the wedding, he informed me that they were actually able to get one!

I absolutely loved these table markers and rustic table settings and beautiful wild flowers picked fresh in Aspen.  Each table had a different Colorado outdoors landmark and each napkin was tied with magnets saying things like “Yay, Mountains” and “Yay, Aspen”.

Shannon was on the brink of tears as her sister Jenny gave a heartfelt toast.

Kevin’s step-brother and best man gave a toast that elicited a lot of emotion out of Kevin as well. 🙂

Shannon and her grandfather had a beautiful dance together that almost had ME tearing up, it was so sweet.

In lieu of a large cake, Shannon and Kevin chose cupcakes and got plenty of frosting all over each other!

This is my favorite portrait from the wedding day.  The light was so pretty at this time of day in Aspen.

Shannon later switched into some more comfortable white sandals that Birkenstock had sent her.

I spotted two of the adorable little girls playing in the field as the sun was getting low in the sky and positioned myself so they were backlit and just captured them being kids.

The Holden Marolt Mining and Ranching Museum as the light went down.

Congratulations to Shannon and Kevin!! So glad I could be there to share the day with you.

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