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Retouching and Digital Art

Retouching is an important part of transforming any good portrait into a truly spectacular one.  Below is an example of retouching a portrait of someone who already has great skin but can be enhanced for the sake of the portrait.  The purpose of retouching is not to make someone look plastic and fake but to keep the focus on the expression and personality.  This example has been exaggerated in some ways to show what is possible.  Obviously, the digital tattoo was added mainly for fun.  As you can see, the lips have had lipstick applied and have been made a bit fuller as well.  Basic retouching (skin smoothing, eye enhancement) is included in every JDStarr Photography portrait session.  Additional retouching such as changing hair and lip color are available at additional costs. [singlepic id=283 w=300 h=240 float=left]

[singlepic id=282 w=300 h=240 float=right]

[nggallery id=19]

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