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New Orleans Wedding Photography Redo

The Digital Wedding Forum has been a vital part of my business since I started and I have met so many amazing photographers through it.  The DWF is an online forum for professional wedding and portrait photographers where we can share techniques and experiences with each other and it is a very valuable resource.  For the past few years, I have travelled to the annual DWF convention to take workshops, network, learn and socialize with other pros.  This year, the convention was down in New Orleans and the DWF took the initiative to help out 3 couples who had been affected by hurricane Katrina as part of the DWF Kares project.  April and Darryl, Katy and Bill, and Holly and Tim all lost their wedding albums when their houses were completely flooded during the storm.  The incredible John Michael Cooper and Dalisa Cooper of AltF Photography were approached by the CEO of the DWF to lead a re-shoot of these couples’ wedding photography and myself and 15 or so other photographers spent an afternoon in New Orleans volunteering our time and talents to help out.  It was so much fun to shoot in this awesome city with a group of amazing people and I was thrilled to help provide the couples with some new images.  Below are some of my favorites.

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