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My Friend Charlotte Got Married!!

I can’t believe that one of my best friends from growing up got married this past weekend! I am so happy that I was able to go to Los Angeles and be there to celebrate the special day.  Maggie and I spent 4 days in LA and had an awesome time.  I got to spend time with friends that I hadn’t seen in a while because they live back east and it was great to catch up.  Charlotte was such a beautiful bride and her wedding was amazing!  The rehearsal dinner the night before the wedding was at an excellent restaurant called Ca Del Sol near Universal.  Charlotte’s husband (ahh!) Rick’s father had a magnum of incredible wine from the year that he (Rick) was born as a special treat and I made sure to partake in that. 🙂  The actual wedding took place at Rick’s parents’ gorgeous house in Encino and it was the perfect setting.  Charlotte did a lot of the planning herself and her natural warmth really made an impact on the feeling of the whole wedding.  Everything from the lighting to the place settings was amazing!  I of course brought my camera and took a few photos while making sure to not get in the hired photographer’s way.  Here is one of my favorites from the night. I love the lighting on the dance floor.  I pulled what I like to call the Ghostbusters flash technique to light this by throwing my SB-900 set to remote mode across the floor and aiming towards Charlotte and Rick:

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