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Money Magazine Article on Best Home-Selling Ideas: Importance of Professional Real Estate Photograph

This is an excerpt from a Money Magazine article about 100 Best Money Moves.  Anyone who is a real estate broker/ agent or is selling a house personally should check this out.

19-22. Best home-selling ideas

Hire a professional photographer to shoot the place once you’ve staged it. High-quality photos will get your listing noticed online, which is where most homebuyers start their search these days.

Create a website for your house. Put the URL out front so that passersby can look it up instantly on their smartphones, advises Louis Cammarosano, general manager of real estate site HomeGain. Post it on Facebook too.

Have your agent call everyone who toured your place but didn’t bid and ask, “What were the deal breakers for you?” If most people answer, “The kitchen looked really tired,” then you know what to do.

Monitor traffic on any websites that list your house. If the volume of hits falls by more than 50% from the first week, the listing is already getting stale, says Ellen Klein, a New Jersey realtor — and you may need to drop the price.

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