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Los Angeles Trip

Nota Bena: All of these pictures were taken with my camera phone so they aren’t exactly my best work. 🙂 As I said in my last post, I spent last weekend in The City of Angels for my friend Charlotte’s wedding and had a great time. I love to travel and we had the chance to spend four days there. LA has so much going on that I don’t know how you could ever do it all in a lifetime! It was my second time there and I felt I had a slightly better understanding of the city and an idea as to what I did not need to see. For instance, Rodeo Drive is cool to see once for the people watching but you pretty much have to have an American Express Black Card to buy anything so I didn’t feel like spending any time there.

My good friend from college, Matt, picked us up from the airport and we stayed at his place in West Hollywood in an area called Park La Brea. It was an awesome location because we could walk to this area called The Grove, which is a big outdoor mall with a permanent farmers market attached to one side. Being in LA reminded me the food-related advantages of being in a huge city with a lot of people. Everywhere we ate was awesome! Matt brought us to a place called Lemonade for lunch when we first got in and I had the best braised brisket sandwich and arugula salad. After lunch we went to The Grove and did some and checked out clothes at the stores we don’t have in Denver, like Zara.

Charlotte and Rick’s rehearsal dinner was that night and I already talked about it so I’ll skip to the after part. We met up with some friends at a bar called the Dime on Fairfax and hung out for a while, listening to a pretty cool DJ whose speakers were a little loud for my taste (I don’t like having to yell to talk to people…). I got a craving for authentic deli while we were at the bar and it just so happened that an amazing place called Canter’s Deli was across the street and was open all night. I had a perfect sandwich there that reminded me of delis in the Northeast and savored every bite.

The wedding was on Sunday so we spent most of the day before that just hanging around and watching the show Rome. The wedding was amazing and absolutely beautiful as I said in my last post and it was so great to catch up with old friends and celebrate with Charlotte, who was so incredibly happy. It was too bad the wedding started so late because everyone was really getting in to dancing when the band stopped playing. I wished they could have played a couple more hours.

Monday was a pretty lazy day as well and we spent a lot of time inside watching tv and munching on delivery pizza. Maggie and I went for a walk to a nearby park later in the day and couldn’t stop talking about how amazing the weather was. Apparently, it is the same temperature and sunny every day… I’ll take my seasons in Denver and 300 days of sun; it’s not bad. 😉 We ended up having a late dinner consisting of tapas and sangria at this cute little spanish place. The chorizo was incredible!

We finished our trip off on Tuesday with a morning trip to Coffee Bean, which would turn me into a regular coffee drinker if they had one here, and lunch at the farmers market. I had another corned beed sandwich…in case you couldn’t tell, I’m obsessed with good deli.

It was a fun trip overall and I’m glad we got to get away for a bit. However, LA is so much of EVERYthing and I am happy to be back in my state of Colorado and already feel a little more relaxed.

I had to share the obligatory celebrity spotting in LA camera phone picture so here is Mario Lopez interviewing Tommy Lee at The Grove.

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