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Happy Fourth of July!

I hope everyone had a great Fourth of July weekend and got to celebrate a bit.  Maggie and I went up to Aspen for the weekend and stayed with Maggie’s cousin.  I went for an amazing bike ride up Castle Creek Rd and was surrounded by beautiful scenery all 13 miles up.  I wish I had my camera with me on the ride but an extra 10 pounds wasn’t going to make it a fun ride. 😉 When I got back from my ride, we hiked up the Ute Trail to Ute Rock, which was a steep, short, and rocky climb.  My legs were done about halfway up but it was worth the effort because the overlook of Aspen from the top was awesome.  On Sunday, we went to the Aspen 4th of July Parade and saw a lot of interesting people.  I brought my camera a long and snapped some shots of the festivities.

We drove over Independence Pass to get to Aspen and I stopped to take a quick picture on the way:

Click below to see the rest of my pictures from Aspen.

The view from the top of the Ute Trail:

Perfect for the 4th! An America flag on top of the Ute Rock:

Maggie, Kelly, and Kelly’s mom:

There was a band of unicyclists at the parade: 🙂

I had to take a picture of this patriotic dog:

There was a bike shop having an awesome used bike sale. I wanted to buy all of them!

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