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Emily and Bill | Wellesley, MA Elm Bank Wedding

I’m always really excited to post photos but these ones are extra special because they are of my sister and new brother-in-law!  I couldn’t have handpicked a greater guy for my sister and I’m so happy to have him as part of the family.  I have a really close extended family, especially my 8 cousins and we always have an amazing time when we get together.  The wedding was so incredibly fun and perfect.  My sister really has a future in wedding planning; she planned every little detail herself!  There were countless thoughtful details everywhere you looked.  Some of my favorites: a “wedding wishes tree” where you wrote your wishes for the bride and groom and hung it on the branches, the wedding date custom printed onto the back of the Converse All-Stars that Bill wore, the birch tree place holders and table markers, and the “night’s events” cards at every table that had cute little boxes of info and things to do and eat.  The food was phenomenal (and never stopped coming) and the band, Eye 2 Eye, had everyone dancing all night.  I wish I could be a guest at a wedding like this every weekend. 🙂 NOTE:  I was not the photographer at the wedding; the awesome Kelly Dillon of Kelly Dillon Photo was.  These photos are just some that I took during the day for fun.

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