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Denver Wedding Photography: Nichole and Vie

On Friday, June 18th, I photographed the wedding of Nichole and Vie as a second shooter for Charlotte Geary.  They were such a fun couple! Vie was a real funny guy and a real photography enthusiast.  We talked shop for a while about gear while he was getting ready with his groomsmen.  The general feel of the day was great as everyone was real nice and ready to celebrate.  The Hudson Gardens in Littleton provided the backdrop for the wedding and it was a beautiful venue.


The Hudson Gardens were full of beautiful flowers and set a great background for the day.

“Hey, take a picture of this!”  I love hearing that from guests because they are usually going to break out something fun as seen below.  I still am not sure where this comes from… Haha.

Vie walked down to the reception area with his daughter and one of the other flower girls.

The father of the bride shares a private moment with his daughter and has a few laughs.

Moments later the happiness brought on tears.

Vie’s family is from Laos and they performed a beautiful ritual in the Laotian tradition involving having family and friends tie a string around the wrists of bride and groom.  I heard them saying they had to wear them until they fell off on their own!

Another Laotian tradition has the bride and groom feed each other a hard-boiled egg. 

I thought these miniature chairs serving as placecards were a great idea.

Vie’s daughter was a great sharer and all three girls drank out of one cup at once.

The first dance of Vie and Nichole as husband and wife.

You could almost hear this little girl thinking, that will be me when I grow up.

An emotional embrace during the father-daughter dance.

I can’t quite tell if she is excited or scared of catching the bouquet.  🙂

This guy had some amazing dance moves!

He wasn’t the only one with moves though.

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