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Denver Wedding Photography: Erin and Gabriel

I already mentioned this great wedding that I photographed as a second shooter for Charlotte Geary and here are my favorite images from the day.  As I said before, Erin and Gabriel were so fun to work with and their love was so apparent that it made the job of capturing it really easy.  Gabriel made sure to schedule plenty of time for portraits with him and Erin and the wedding party as well.  We spent a full hour and a half at Civic Center Park just taking photos and having fun.  The wedding reception took place down at the Doubletree Hotel in Greenwood Village.

Click below to see the rest of Erin and Gabriel’s wedding photos.

The ceremony took place at St. Pauls Cathedral in Capitol Hill.

This is what you call a sign of the times! Gabriel used his Blackberry to immediately change his Facebook status from Engaged to Married when he got a second to do so after the ceremony. Awesome!

The newlyweds were greeted by bubbles as they walked to their limo.

This pose was completely the girls’ idea and I loved it!

Nothing like a little hopscotch in heels and a wedding dress.  This photo is definitely my favorite and really summarizes how much fun Erin and Gabriel were having on their wedding day.

This sequence is great; they were dancing in the middle of Civic Center Park without a care in the world.

They had such a great cake topper in the form of a recreation of the statue in Philadelphia.  Their cake went great with their wedding colors.

This just goes to show that bubbles are just as fun when you grow up. 🙂

This kid really wanted the garter! Look at those ups! Almost got it.

Wedding March.

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