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Denver Corporate Event Photography : Greystar Management Services Annual Awards Banquet at the Downt

Greystar Management Services is the largest property management company in the US and they had their annual awards banquet a few weeks ago.  I was hired to photograph the event and set up a photo booth where all the teams from the company’s many properties could come get a picture taken.  The banquet took place at the Denver Downtown Aquarium in the Nautilus Ballroom.  There were around 250-300 people at the event and a fun crew of managers kept it entertaining.  I started by covering the actual awards ceremonies where the team leaders presented awards to their outstanding employees.  Below are some of my favorite images from the event.

The awards were arranged on a table awaiting their presentation to recipients:

This is a little behind the scenes shot of the area I had for setting up a backdrop and taking group portraits of all the different teams in the company. For those interested, I used an Alien Bees B800 monolight in a Chimera 4′ x 6′ softbox to give me a nice soft, even light:

My friend Brent asked me to take a couple of quick headshots and this one was just a fun one that I liked:

These are my favorite type of photographs, whether taken during the formal portrait session during a wedding or taken in a photo booth setup like this one at a corporate event. I call them “in-betweeners” because they are the images I capture in-between subjects looking at the camera and posing:

I love this wide view of one rowdy group that got together. Yes, you can see my backdrop stand and all but the expressions are great! 🙂

Group photo booth taken during Greystar Property Management corporate event at the Denver Downtown Aquarium
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