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Dallas for the Weekend

Last weekend, Maggie and I took a shotgun trip to Dallas to visit her family and see some friends. instigated the trip with an alert for a inexpensive ticket.  If you havent heard of them, it’s an awesome service and it will email you when cheap tickets between certain airports are available.  We got in on Friday and Maggie’s mother made us an amazing Tex-Mex feast with the best enchiladas I’ve ever had!  On Saturday, we had a great dinner at a really cool restaurant in Dallas called The Meddlesome Moth.  This place had an incredible beer selection of hundreds of beers from around the world and awesome small plates for sharing.  A couple of my favorite things were on the menu and they were great: bone marrow, pork belly, and beef shin.  These foods are starting to become more popular as chefs are pushing their amazingness on reluctant diners. After dinner, we met up with one of my best friends from college and hung out at one of Maggie’s friend’s houses for the rest of the night.  The girls were telling all sorts of entertaining stories from high school and it was a lot of fun.  The next day, I had the chance to experience the Texas State Fair!

The Texas State Fair is incomparable in size to anything like it that I’ve ever witnessed.  There is so much going on that it would take months to see and do everything.  Just the amount of food offerings is overwhelming and incredible.  We spent the day checking out all the various booths and attractions and rode a bunch of really fun carnival rides after the sun went down.  I can’t say I will be going back to the fair any time soon, because I don’t think my stomach can handle it, but it was an awesome experience and everyone should go at least once.

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I waited for the ferris wheel to come around so that I could capture “Texas” in full:

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