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If you went to a restaurant and they gave you your food without a plate and silverware, you'd probably feel robbed of the proper experience.  This is how we feel about wedding photographers who don't include an album in their wedding coverage.  As your first family heirloom, we truly believe your wedding album should be the centerpiece of your home.  The first thing you will want to do when your friend's and family come over is show them your stunning album, eliciting oohs and ahhs.  A great album is a piece of art that you can hold and look at up close.  Unlike many wedding photographers who see books as a hassle that they pass off to an outside company, if they offer them at all, they are Jesse's greatest passion and he's made himself an expert in creating them.  Also unlike many wedding photographers who use templates and canned designs, Jesse starts with a blank canvas and custom tailors each album to you and your story.

Jesse's goal as a wedding photographer is to create a visual record of your once in a lifetime day that will be the first heirloom you have as a new family.  Heirlooms should last multiple lifetimes so that when your grandkids find your album, they say "look how beautiful you were on your wedding day, grandma!"  Because of this, we put a lot of thought and passion into selecting vendors for our albums and will not accept anything but the best for you.  We use a custom book builder based in New Zealand for our premium albums because they make some of the most beautiful albums in the world.  Every album is made by hand with a lot of care and attention to detail.  The printing is beautiful and the book binding will stand the test of time.  Our Signature Heirloom Wedding Albums are available with a custom made storage and display box that matches the cover design of your album, creating a stunning total package.

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