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Want to know what I do late at night?

I’m posting this at 12:26am and that is because I have been up all night working on becoming a better photographer and learning ways to provide better service to my clients.  I tend to stay up late a lot of nights researching things like cool products to offer and reading bridal blogs like Style Me Pretty.  I really am obsessed with this “lifestyle”.  I was about to say job, but the fact is, this is much more than a job to me.  I LOVE photography and I LOVE providing exceptional finished products to clients!  Tonight I have been researching a new album company that I can’t wait to order from.  They make amazing flush mount albums with a range of incredible covers.  The one I’m really excited about is a two tone cover with a photo ‘cameo’ in the center that is printed on metal.  I already have colors picked out from their awesome selection.  Even the names of the covers are cool! I’m going with Arctic white as the primary and Boa as the accent strip. 😀 Here is a sample of one of their albums that ‘ve been drooling over:

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