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Dallas Portrait Photography: Maggie on the Patio

In addition to the photographs of Maggie and her sister that I took, we also took some portraits of Maggie by herself on the patio.  I used two variations of the same lighting set up with the difference being an added backlight on one. This first one is without the backlight.

[singlepic id=529 w=800 h=700 float=]

This one has the backlight turned on and directed at the back of the subject’s head. I used a half-snoot to shade the light from spilling down around the bench.

[singlepic id=530 w=800 h=700 float=]

Here you can see my lighting setup.  I used a speedlight in an umbrella softbox as a key light and feathered it by pointing it upwards and slightly above the subject’s head.  I the hung a diffuser over the lower part to knock some power out of the light falling on the subject’s body.  The silver reflector was added on the left to provide some fill and lift the shadows a bit.

[singlepic id=532 w=600 h=600 float=]

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